Q. How many holiday homes are available at the Donegal Boardwalk Resort?

A. There are 27 holiday homes available to rent on-site in three 9 house sections. Each contains a mix of semi-detached and detached houses.


Q. Is there internet access at the resort?

A. Yes. All of our luxury holiday homes at Donegal Boardwalk Resort come with high speed broadband for your entertainment or business needs at no extra charge.


Q. Is electricity included in the rental price?

A. No. Electricity charges are separate to the rental fee and are priced at €8 per day. This fee must be paid in advance of your arrival.


Q. Do the holiday homes include cutlery and other cooking utensils?

A. Yes. The houses include all the mod cons that you would need for your stay including a fully operational kitchen with cookers, toasters, microwave, coffee machine and dishwasher.


Q. Can we bring pets to stay with us?

A. Yes. The Donegal Boardwalk Resort is a pet friendly resort and we want you to be able to bring all of the family. We have designated houses for pet owners so please let us know that you are bringing a pet when making your booking.


Q. Are the stoves in the houses Gas, Electric or Solid Fuel?

A. For additional cosiness we have modern and efficient wood burning stoves in all house lounge areas. If you wish to add that extra comfort when you are coming up you can bring some fire-logs, wood or turf for your stay. (No coal burning permitted)


Q. Is the resort suitable for people with limited mobility?

A. The resort has excellent access in terms of mobility. As you enter the resort gates right down to the restaurant and boardwalk access there is a modern tarmac road for ease of movement via cars, bikes, scooters, wheelchairs. Also for those with impaired mobility we have ground level bedrooms in the detached villas.


Q. Is the resort open year round?

A. No. Donegal Boardwalk Resort is currently open for the holiday season. For out of season bookings contact us.